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Parent-Child Connection

Embracing Patience: Your Compass in Supporting Your Child's Anxiety

Verenice Hernandez-Herrera

Let's talk about something crucial when it comes to supporting our kids through anxiety – patience. Oh, that word is something else!  I’ve been a school counselor for 20+ years and I have this sign in my office that reads:

”Give me patience…but please hurry!” 

If patience and parenting were only that simple! I wish…but it’s not.  Parenting is a wild ride with its fair share of ups and downs, and patience is often the steady hand that guides us through the challenges, especially when it comes to helping our children navigate anxiety.

We must listen with an open heart:

Patience, in this context, means taking the time to truly listen without rushing or judging. It's about creating a safe space where your child can share their thoughts and feelings at their own pace. This kind of deep listening builds trust and openness in your relationship. When you patiently listen to their worries, you not only provide relief but also show that you genuinely care about their struggles, strengthening your bond.

The importance of cultivating coping skills:

Developing coping skills is a crucial part of managing anxiety, and it takes time. Think of it like tending to a young plant as it grows into a sturdy tree. Rushing this process can hinder your child's progress and add unnecessary stress. By patiently guiding them through practicing coping techniques and acknowledging their efforts, you empower them to build resilience at their own pace, instilling a sense of accomplishment. Check out Wishwell’s coping strategies guide.

Embrace school progress and setbacks:

In the world of school support, patience is a lifesaver. It recognizes that the journey to academic success for an anxious child can be full of progress and setbacks. When you show patience with schoolwork and understand their academic challenges, you boost their confidence and motivation, ensuring they know you're there for them, no matter what. 

Creating a Support Team:

Patience also plays a significant role in building a support team around your child. It understands that enlisting the help of counselors, teachers, therapists, and/or empowerment coaches takes time and coordination. This team works together to provide the best support possible. Patience is what keeps this group cohesive, allowing them to understand your child's needs and collaborate effectively.

In a nutshell, patience isn't just about putting up with things; it's the strong foundation upon which your child's journey to conquer anxiety is built. It's a beacon of trust, a nurturing space for the growth of coping skills, and the unwavering compass that guides your child toward a brighter, more resilient future.

So, fellow parents, let's embrace patience as we walk this path with our children through the world of anxiety. It's patience that nurtures their growth, bolsters their resilience, and ensures they feel supported every step of the way on their unique journey.

Verenice Hernandez-Herrera

Our founder has been an educator and school counselor for 20+ years.
Read more about her here