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From Chaos to Balance: A Parent's Guide to Finding Well-Being

Verenice Hernandez-Herrera

At Wishwell Counseling & Empowerment Center, we understand that parenting can sometimes be a beautiful mess!!  It’s also a rewarding journey, but it can also be overwhelming and chaotic at times.  That's why today, we're going to delve deeper into the topic of finding balance and well-being in your life as a parent, and how our counseling and empowerment services can support you on this path.

At Wishwell, we believe that if we focus on ourselves and our well-being then we will learn to model that for our kids.  Here are some real-life game changers that we can focus on to develop that peace and balance in our lives.


In your role as a parent, it's easy to lose sight of your own needs and well-being. Start by dedicating a few moments each day to self-reflection. Ask yourself questions like, "What are my priorities? What causes me stress?" “Why am I overwhelmed?”  These can be hard questions to answer.  Every time I feel lost, I recenter myself by asking, “What brings me joy?”  I love that question because exploring the answers allows me to reflect on all the possibilities that make me happy.  So, understanding where you are right now is the first step towards achieving a balanced and fulfilled life.

Prioritize Self-Care:

At Wishwell, we believe that self-care is not a luxury but a necessity. Make self-care a non-negotiable part of your daily routine. It can be as simple as enjoying a quiet cup of tea, going for a rejuvenating walk, or indulging in a hobby you love.  As you seek to prioritize your self-care, look at your calendar and book time with yourself for activities, groups, and workshops that will help you feel supported and rejuvenated.  That’s why in addition to all our support services for kids, we created so many parent classes and workshops because we understand the value of self-care and having moments to connect with others who are on the same journey.

Set Boundaries:

Setting clear boundaries is a powerful tool for maintaining balance in your life. It's okay to say no when necessary and to delegate tasks. I always say…when we set our boundaries and say “NO” to something or someone…we are saying “YES” to something else.  Saying no opens up a lot of possibilities for the other things in our lives.  Setting boundaries ensures that you have the time and energy for what truly matters.

Seek Support:

Remember, you don't have to navigate this journey alone. Reaching out to friends, and family, or joining a support group and/or workshops where you can connect with others facing similar challenges is a great way to build a team for yourself that will cheer you on.  We all need cheerleaders in our lives and seeking these group experiences is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Celebrate Small Wins:

Recognize and celebrate your achievements, no matter how small they may seem. Every step towards balance and well-being is a triumph. Celebrating even the smallest wins helps us exercise our own positive self-talk as well.  

Seek Professional Help When Needed:

If despite your efforts, chaos continues to dominate your life, consider seeking professional guidance. Our experienced therapists, empowerment, and wellness coaches are ready to provide you with the in-person or virtual support and strategies necessary to overcome challenges.

Finding balance and well-being as a parent is an ongoing journey. It's about making choices that align with your values and bring you happiness. Embrace the process, and know that you're on the path to a more balanced and fulfilling life.

At Wishwell Counseling & Empowerment Center, we're dedicated to helping parents like you find the balance and well-being you deserve. Explore our counseling and empowerment services to discover how we can support you on this beautiful and at times messy journey.

Take a deep breath, and start your journey from chaos to balance today. Your well-being matters, and we're here to help you thrive.

Explore Wishwell’s services here to start your journey towards balance and well-being today.

Verenice Hernandez-Herrera

Our founder has been an educator and school counselor for 20+ years.
Read more about her here