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Top-Rated ADHD Therapist San Diego

ADHD Specialists San Diego

Takeaway:If your child is struggling with attention, focus, organization, and other skills, San Diego ADHD therapist Sergio Zamora, LMFT can help. With six years of experience working with children and teens, he can give your family the support you need. Get in touch today to get started.

ADHD Therapy San Diego

Understanding ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, often referred to as ADHD, is a developmental disorder that can affect children, teens, and adults of all ages. Unlike conditions such as anxiety and depression, it's not considered a mental health issue. It's also not a learning disability, though it can be associated with learning disabilities like dyslexia.

While ADHD can look different from person to person, there are two common categories of symptoms: inattentive symptoms and hyperactive/impulsive symptoms. Some people have mostly one type of symptom and some have a mix of both kinds.

Common inattentive symptoms include

  • Making seemingly careless mistakes with schoolwork,
  • Trouble paying attention,
  • Difficulty following through on tasks,
  • Challenges with time management,
  • Being easily distracted,

and more.

Common impulsive and hyperactive behaviors include

  • Fidgeting and squirming when sitting,
  • Trouble playing quietly,
  • Incessant talking,
  • Interrupting others,
  • Difficulty waiting one's turn,

and more.

Symptoms of ADHD can often overlap with other disorders. I recommend getting a formal ADHD evaluation to rule out other challenges. At the same time, therapy can help your child or teen regardless of whether they have a formal diagnosis.

Meet Sergio Zamora, LMFT | Top-rated ADHD therapist in San Diego

Hi, I'm Sergio. I'm a licensed marriage and family therapist in the state of California, and I have over six years of experience working with adolescents in both school and clinical settings. I help kids with ADHD learn the skills they need to succeed, as well as build self-esteem and navigate other challenges that can come along with having ADHD.

I use different evidence-based techniques to help give your child or teen the support they need to reach their goals. Here's a look at some of the methods I might use to help your child.

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Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)

CBT is based on the idea that a person's thoughts influence how they act and vice-versa. We'll explore your child's thought patterns and behaviors to identify where we can make changes to help them reach their goals.

Attachment-focused therapy

This form of therapy focuses on the relationships between children and their early caregivers. Together, we'll explore these bonds and discover how they influence your child's relationships with others. From here, we can help them grow happier, healthier connections with those around them.

Family systems therapy

Your child's thoughts, feelings, and behaviors don't exist in a vacuum. In family systems therapy, we'll learn more about your unique family dynamics and discover what changes we can make to help you all feel more supported and connected.

Why choose Wishwell for ADHD therapy in San Diego

There are many mental health providers who treat ADHD, and finding the right fit for your family is key. Here are a few reasons to consider working with Wishwell.

  • We use a holistic approach.We see your child for the whole person that they are. While having ADHD is a part of them, it's not the full picture. We celebrate your child's strengths and empower them to grow toward their goals. We believe that this holistic approach is the most effective way to support your child or teen.
  • We offer support for parents.When one person struggles, it can impact the whole family. That's why we offer a range of different parenting groups. We want to make sure that parents can get the support they need throughout this process as well.
  • We customize your experience to your family's unique needs.We don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to your child's mental health. We're committed to providing an individualized treatment plan for each child we work with.

Wishwell is here to give your child or teen the specialized support they need.

If you're looking for both an effective treatment for ADHD and the kind of emotional support your child or teen needs to thrive, we're here to help. With our unique approach to ADHD therapy in the greater San Diego, CA area, we're committed to partnering with your family on every step of this journey.

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