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Celeste Alvarado

Mental Performance Coach in Athletics & Performing Arts

Hi everybody! My name is Celeste and I am the Athletic and Performing Arts Mental Performance Coach. It is my goal to help ALL performers understand, manage, and assess the mental aspect of their performance. I will strive to teach our performers the mental skills needed to enhance their overall performance. I have been given the privilege to do this work because of the two degrees I received in Kinesiology at the California State University of Fullerton. Along with my degrees, I have experience with working with softball players at all levels, an equestrian, tennis players, and more. I look forward to bettering the community that made me who I am today. WISH you WELL! (:


Anxiety or Depression
Communication Skills
Decision-Making Skills
Emotional Intelligence
Goal Setting & Achievement
Life Skills
Peak Performance Enhancement
Self-Belief Development
Stress Management

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